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(posted by: Oy) | 2015-03-09
We are planning to release a small maintenance release next week to address a current issue.
All translators are therefore encouraged to update their translations as described here (ignore the red warning on top in this case). The current language files can be found here.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, your translations are appreciated.
(posted by: Landil) | 2013-09-29
For most of the players this news is completely irrelevant, but for the graphic guys this is pretty good news. Matricks destroyed the tileset border bug. The graphics still need to get dilated.

Github commit
(posted by: Sonix) | 2013-09-03
Hey everyone,
today I want to introduce you a brend-new and functional MWG that will bring a lot of new maps for the community :)

The Map Working Group:

It's a group of few experienced and vanilla-only mappers that aims to create more and more enjoyable maps for the Community.
As RUSterrorist said:
There shouldn´t be a Jury to decide about it, the "Maps" section is good enough for it. If you want to make a Mapping group, make it create maps post them in the section and enjoy the criticism.

and that's what we'll do, everytime we post a map it'll be tagged [MWG] to keep it clear.

This group will use a collaborative Map Editor (custom client, thanks to BeaR) where every group-member can edit live every map that is stored in a specific Dropbox folder (live sharing :) ).

How to propose a Map:

- Put a link in this thread that redirects to the topic of the Map and follow this form:


#Map name:

#Link to the map:
Link here

"I want you to checkout this map because it's kewl"

*This is a community process: everyone can simply propose their maps for inclusion in Teeworlds, granted:
- they accept to license their work under the TW license
- their map is accepted by the Community and by the person in charge of the Map Development.

Standard criteria for maps:

- Tee style
- High-detail and low-details modes
- Standard tilesets
- Thoroughly tested with in-game action: public test-games are the best way to do it.

Starred Maps:

The maps that haven't got the potential to join among the official ones, but they're still very well made and appreciated by the community will get a "Star Mark".
Which means that these quality maps will get hosted on special servers (map_rotation on) where everyone can enjoy playing custom maps :).

[h]The list:[/h]


Pushed to Official:

Starred Maps:


Want to join us?

Contact me via PM or IRC ;)

That's all for now, if you have questions feel free to ask.
(posted by: Landil) | 2013-08-30
We are discussing which features, things ... the community wants to see in 0.7.
Do not discuss it, just tell us three features you think teeworlds needs urgently.

Devs will discuss the results . :)
(posted by: Landil) | 2013-08-23
We have some new splashtees! Look at the start page to see them.