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(posted by: Dune) | 2018-12-24
Changes that might be more interesting than others are marked green (redundant with the release announcement).

- Christmas special update
- Colorful gametype and level icons in the browser instead of grayscale (#1904)
- Add an option to use raw mouse inputs, revert to (0.6) relative mode by default (#1910)
- Demo list marker indicator (#1913)
- Restore ingame Player and Tee menus, add a warning that a reconnect is needed (#1921)
- Emotes can now be cancelled by releasing the mouse in the middle of the circle (#1794)
- Improve add friend text (#1879)
- Add a confirmation for removing a filter (#1878)
- Add a "click a player to follow" hint (#1848)
- Also hint players which key they should press to set themselves ready (#1893)

- Fixed textures for older graphic cards (#1888)
- Cancel whisper when target leaves (#1897)
- Fixed server browser entry text color & close region (#1898)
- Adjust chat messages to not display UID when option is turned off (#1895)
- Fix empty vote when joining a server (#1887)
- Broadcast: parse new line character (#1912)
- Fix general menu NumOptions (#1915)
- Fix failure to open configs in absolute paths since 0.7, reportedly (#1872)
- Fix MOTD not always displayed (#1899)
- Adjust volume label size (#1855)
- Fix invalid serverinfo (#1864)
- Fix red UID background in DM (#1870)
- Fix sorting to sort by real players/clients (#1868)
- Fix can't remove clan friend (#1877)
- Fix too small 0.7 server popups (#1843)
- Fix server browser flickering (#1876)
- Fix change_map command not always changing map (#1871)
- Fix round score reset (#1885)
- Properly blend UID in chat (#1890)
- Add difficulty info to the ingame menus (#1892)
(posted by: Dune) | 2018-12-09
Changes that might be more interesting than others are marked green (redundant with the release announcement).

+ new gametypes: "last man standing" (LMS) and "last team standing" (LTS). survive by your own or as a team with limited weaponry
+ 64 players support. official gametypes are still restricted to 16 players maximum but allow more spectators
- adapted the scoreboard, the server browser, the ingame menus, and the spectators menus
+ new skin system. build your own skins based on a variety of provided parts
+ enhanced security. all communications require a handshake and use a token to counter spoofing and reflection attacks
- initial token request for a handshake is much larger than the answer to counter reflection attacks
+ new maps: ctf8, dm3, lms1. Click to discover them!
- ctf5 and dm7 received a graphical overhaul
- other maps got some bugfixes and a lot more trees

+ animated background menu map: jungle, heavens (day/night themes, customisable in the map editor)
- theme selector in the settings menus (can revert back to checkerboard)
- themes are located in data/ui/themes. icon is optional
- optionally, provide _day.map and _night.map for time of the day detection
+ new design for the menus: added start menus, reworked server browser, settings
- make and save custom filters. default filters are Teeworlds (official only), Favorites and All (no filters)
+ customisable gametype icons (browser). make your own!
- icons for modified gametypes can be added in data/ui/themes and will automatically be loaded. defaults to mod.png
+ chat overhaul, whispers (private messages)
- new prefixes, new colours, new highlight effect, new whisper icons
- text shadows, improves outline feel
- new box for chat history
+ composed binds (ctrl+, shift+, alt+)
+ scoreboard remodelled, now shows kills/deaths
+ demo markers
+ master server list cache (in case the masters are unreachable)
+ input separated from rendering (optimisation)
+ upgrade to SDL2.
- support for multiple monitors, non-english keyboards
- vsync, fullscreen and borderless can be changed without restarting the client
+ 10 new languages
- added breton, catalan, chinese, esperanto, estonian, galician, gaelic scottish, irish, lithuanian and slovenian languages
- language flags added for all new languages
- other languages updated with Transifex contributions
+ now using raw input
- this disables OS settings such as mouse acceleration
- mouse sensitivity can still be adjusted in the menus
+ more saturated team colours, keep skin details better
+ fps limiter option
+ favourites now support hostnames
+ option to remove all social elements (chat, names...)
+ option to show client IDs as a badge in-game. allows quicker indentification and prevents faking names
+ separate audio turn on/off and the initialization of sound systems in the options
+ can now bind toggle/+toggle for any other command
+ added a cl_dynamic_camera setting to easily toggle between static and dynamic
- dynamic camera is now disabled by default
+ improve resolution menus
+ make client launchable from the browser given a special link (#1478)
+ display map name in the downloading screen
+ improve the sensitivity of the demoplayer timeline
+ add unicode support for console output
+ swapped normal/highlighted chat sounds

+ broadcasts overhaul, optional colours support
- reintroduced from 0.7 beta/0.7.0 with a visual upgrade
- colours are opt-in from the settings menus (client side)
+ ready system, for competitive settings
+ server difficulty setting (casual, competitive, normal), shown in the browser
+ spectator mode improvements: follow flags, click on players
+ bot flags for modified servers: indicate NPCs, can be filtered out in the server browser
+ randomly generate rcon passwords on startup, if none is set
+ allow vote caller to cancel his own vote
+ improved/fixed map download speed

+ sharper graphics all around (no more tileset_borderfix and dilate)
- code improvements cut the borderfix/dilate requirement
- tilesets got updated without borderfix and dilate applied to them
+ refreshed the HUD, ninja cooldown, new mouse cursor
+ mapres update (higher resolution, fixes...)
- doubled the resolution for clouds, sun, moon, stars, snow
- desert, winter and grass tilesets are updated to 0.7 with 1 tile high platforms
- desert got a tiny change in saturation (terrain)
- improved mountains.png for better continuity
- a single tileset for shadows instead of having them in every single tileset
- map compatibility broken: some maps using standard tilesets must be updated
+ added dead tee graphics for survival gametypes
+ gun alignment fixed in-game
+ tee eyes fix

+ keybinds home/end/pageup/pagedown move the selected quad to front/back/up/down
+ added feature to zoom to the current mouse position
+ scale indicator for selected quads with zoomlevel
+ add texture coordinates to quad properties, fix wrong fxp conversion
+ visualise if images are used by layers
+ added variables to customize editor colors
+ added shortcut to create quads in mouse position
+ added image preview in "add image dialog"

+ fix various GUI locks
+ added hover effects in places where it was missing
+ menus now properly capture up&down arrow inputs
+ fix wrong calculation of weapon angle in demo player
+ fix laser rendering bug due to floating point precision error
+ fix laser clipping
+ fix walking animation
+ center window on startup
+ discard netobjs containing integers and flags out of range
+ removed some unused/deprecated commands
+ rename coala skin to koala
+ sanitize some stuff
+ some clipping fixes
+ some automapper fixes
+ fix console texture rendering
+ some editor fixes
+ skip auto screenshot when the editor is active

+ changed the damage indicator protocol
- now carries armor/health/self damage info
+ protocol now allows the server silent enter/leave messages
+ protocol no longer allows player info change in-game
- ingame menus "Player" and "Tee" tabs were removed to reflect this
+ cleaned up core events
+ updated language scripts
+ use tokens in tw_api.py
+ updated json-parser
+ updated zlib to 1.2.11
(posted by: Dune) | 2018-12-03
Hello tees,

0.7.1 development is complete. In order to ensure a release as smooth and stable as possible, we are pre-releasing a 0.7.1 release candidate. You can get it on the Downloads page.
Everyone is invited to try it out (client or server), and to report any bugs on the forums or on github before the final release.
Keep in mind this release breaks compatibility with the 0.7 beta (0.7.0).

(posted by: Sonix) | 2018-12-01
We have introduced three new maps in the 0.7 version, and these are CTF8, DM3 and LMS1.
(Screenshots below)

Map: ctf8

A new fast paced CTF map, previously known as ctf_tantum and was featured in many tournaments from where it got an overall great feedback by most players. It offers a new solution for 4x4 format matches (previously played on ctf2 mostly) as it is a really offensive-oriented and fast map.
Gametype: CTF
Players: Ideal format 4x4, but 3x3 and 5x5 possible.
Author: Sonix

Map: dm3

A new and cool duel map, you may have seen it in the 1st Teeworlds Tournaments under the name dm_ancient. While many players have tested it during the tournaments it became a valid alternative to dm1, bringing more open space and grenade shows with it :).
Gametype: DM/TDM
Players: 2 to 4, 1x1 is the ideal format.
Author: ghost
0.7 port: Sonix

Map: lms1

What other map should be the very first representative of the survival gametype than kukurice itself? :) Survival's symbol map got a nice graphic overhaul, some pickups adjusted, and now its ready to shine once more!
Gametype: LMS/LTS/DM/TDM
Players: 6 to 8, 3x3 is the ideal format.
Author: Daniel
0.7 port: Sonix

Other map changes

CTF5 and DM7 got a major gfx overhaul, thanks to Zatline, in order to make them cleaner and more appealing.

The rest of the maps got attention too! Many maps got tiny bug fixes and on most grass maps trees have grown exponentially! :)

I wanna say thanks to all the people who have contributed, the MWG team and the players from the vanilla high-level scene.
(posted by: Dune) | 2018-11-20
Hello tees,

The 0.7.1 release is scheduled to next weekend. The final milestone has been set.
With this, we will move on from the experimental 0.7.0 to a stable version. Official binaries downloads for all major systems will be set up here and on Steam.

A lot of contributions have been made after initial release, helping to fix major flaws, and doing a lot of work on the UI and menus. The server browser and the scoreboard have been greatly revamped thanks to oy, SushiTee, Zatline and many others.
A few compatibility-breaking changes are planned, so backward compatibility will be broken and server and clients will have to be updated from the experimental 0.7.0 and will be advised to do so.

The deadline for translations on Transifex is set to Friday evening. Those close to completion and without any major issues will be included. We are happy to announce two new languages already made it, Lithuanian and Gaelic Scottish.

Thank you to all the contributors on Github and Transifex.