Topic: Changelog 0.7.4

Changes that might be more interesting than others are in bold. They are redundant with the release announcement.

+ Race mode integration
  - finish messages
  - times ingame and in the server browser
  - map record displayed in the scoreboard
  - localized chat messages
  - race gametype icon
+ In-game server browser
+ Chat pages & upgrades
  - Up to 10 pages of chat history (page up/page down)
  - Persistent chat: does not clear when changing map
  - Map changes are marked by a chat info message
  - Chat buffer: clicking with the mouse while chatting puts the chat in pause
  - Ignoring a player clears past chat
  - Add helper annotation when whispering
+ Statboard upgrade
  - Auto statboard screenshots
  - Merge K/D and Spree/Best spree columns
  - Visual indicators for flag captures
  - Visual indicators for weapon stats
  - Fix statboard not closing
+ Wide menus mode
+ Add version info to settings file, change naming scheme to "settings07.cfg"
  - You can now switch between 0.6 and 0.7 Teeworlds smoothly
+ HighDPI support
+ Audio toggling with visual effects (Ctrl+S by default)
+ Update scroll regions throughout the UI with smooth, adaptive scrollbars
+ Add a GUI for the experimental joystick support, disable joystick by default
+ Menu hotkeys (press the first letter)
+ Some more search bars
+ Add color palettes to copy skin parts colors
+ Add "toggle dynamic camera" to controls
+ Don't show loading progression in LAN tab
+ Fix chat rendering when scoreboard is open
+ Fix MOTD consistency, allow slightly more text to be displayed
+ Fix flag colors for non-team gamemodes
+ Hide scoreboard if statboard is active
+ Lower min. mousesens
+ Change some server browser defaults (all filter, players sort)
+ Optimise SnapFindItem, a bottleneck

+ Chat commands integration
  - Display chat commands list, with description and parameter list, to the players
  - Delete and add commands on-the-go to create a context-aware UI
  - Ability to disable or replace client-side commands
+ Race mode integration: customisable display (timer accuracy...)
+ Randomize survival-mode spawns
+ Prevent skipping deathtiles with enough speed
+ No more empty nicknames
+ Some log format changes (timestamps, flag capture time...)
+ Fix projectiles from disconnected players dealing no damage
+ Remove dummy when player joins a full server

+ 24 new skins, colorable eyes, and many more body parts to use
  - Auto-adjust eye color when it is too close to that of the body
+ Winter background theme (day and night, new default)

+ Layer size now defaults to the size of the game layer

+ Fix integer overflow when computing tilemap size

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