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(posted by: matricks) | 2010-06-01
I've been trying out git and github with bam now for a while and I think it's the right tool to address some issues that we have with the Teeworlds development. Many people does small patches for everything and they are not finding it's way into the main branch.To use git, there is an initial learning hump that you have to get over but once you passed that one, it's really really nice.

So, starting from today, all development of Teeworlds will be done using git and github. If you find a problem, you can report at github. If you have the solution for a problem, fork the project, fix it and I can merge your patch easily if I see that it good shit! Gonna do a mod? Fork the project and you will have it easier getting the patches from the vanilla branch. Hopefully this should lead to a much more connected development of Teeworlds were we help out each other much much more.

Thanks goes out to fujnky for helping transfering all the tickets over to github.

Github page: https://github.com/matricks/teeworlds

(auto builder doesn't build from github right now, will update that later on)