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(posted by: Dune) | 2019-04-20
Changes that might be more interesting than others are marked green (redundant with the release announcement).

+ advanced scoreboard with game statistics
+ joystick support (experimental!)
+ copy paste (one-way)
+ bot cosmetics (a visual difference between players and NPCs)
+ chat commands (type / in chat)
+ audio HUD, toggle sounds with Ctrl+S
+ fix audio panning
+ add transparency slider
+ spectators will stay as spectators when map changes
+ re-add map checker
+ properly reset player stats
+ improve UI for screen selection
+ add a config to show the console window
+ display votes when in spectators
+ add a bunch of fade effects
+ call votes with a double click. automatically resets the reason
+ fix filtering servers by maximum ping
+ fix buggy auto-completion for names in chat
+ fix display of demos
+ improve scrollbars
+ automatically cancel connection to unreachable servers
+ slightly improve composed binds
+ let SDL use the X11 XRandR window manager per default
+ improve sorting algorithms
+ an Easter surprise...

+ players can change skin without leaving the server (again)
+ game start countdown is now optional (by default only in survival)
+ show who initiated a player-ready pause
+ add some additional win checks for CTF (fix suiciding on flags)

+ live automapper
+ complete automapper rules for 0.7 tilesets
+ an option to open current map in editor
+ an exit button
+ fix automapper randomization
+ optimize map size for envelopes

+ fix security vulnerabilities CVE-2019-10879, CVE-2019-10879, CVE-2019-10879
+ improve token security using RNG
+ use more secure hash function for map downloads