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(posted by: Dune) | 2019-03-25
Hello tees,

Spring is here, and with it, its load of good news (and bugs). We are nearing a 0.7.3 release, and thus, we make the usual call for contributions to translations of Teeworlds.
Transifex was updated with new strings and the process to contribute is described here.

We also added a feature to allow translators to reorder string substitutions within Transifex (PR #2032 from heinrich5991), especially for non-germanic languages. For example:

The %s flag was captured by '%s'

can be translated to
'%2$s' a capturé le drapeau %1$s

The game will then display
'nameless tee' a capturé le drapeau rouge

Current and historical coverage
Below is a graph showing the progress of the translations coverage since they were introduced in 0.6.0. Thanks for your help!