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(posted by: Dune) | 2018-11-20
Hello tees,

The 0.7.1 release is scheduled to next weekend. The final milestone has been set.
With this, we will move on from the experimental 0.7.0 to a stable version. Official binaries downloads for all major systems will be set up here and on Steam.

A lot of contributions have been made after initial release, helping to fix major flaws, and doing a lot of work on the UI and menus. The server browser and the scoreboard have been greatly revamped thanks to oy, SushiTee, Zatline and many others.
A few compatibility-breaking changes are planned, so backward compatibility will be broken and server and clients will have to be updated from the experimental 0.7.0 and will be advised to do so.

The deadline for translations on Transifex is set to Friday evening. Those close to completion and without any major issues will be included. We are happy to announce two new languages already made it, Lithuanian and Gaelic Scottish.

Thank you to all the contributors on Github and Transifex.