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Server Setup

This doc will guide you through the basics of setting up a server on Linux and Windows.

Port forwarding

If you want other players to be able to play on the server via internet, you have to forward a port to the server (default is 8303). http://portforward.com/ has a lot information on how to do this.

The master server will warn if players can't connect.

Configuring the server

To configure the server you need to create a .cfg-file so that the server knows what to do. Use your favorite text editor to create a config that uses the following syntax:

setting value
setting2 value2

To find the available settings, read the Server Settings doc. You may also be interested in Server Commands.

You can find example configurations below.

Starting the server

To start the server you must specify a config for it to load. This is done by adding the flag -f to the server start command, like this: teeworlds_srv -f serverconfig.cfg


Start the command tool by pressing Win+R write cmd followed by enter, and use the command cd to navigate to the teeworlds directory.

When you get there, start the server by typing teeworlds_srv.exe -f serverconfig.cfg where you replace serverconfig.cfg with the name of your config file.


Open up a terminal and use the command cd to enter the teeworlds directory.

To start the server, type teeworlds_srv -f serverconfig.cfg where you replace serverconfig.cfg with the name of your config file.

Remote console

To be able to execute server commands while playing, there is a remote console. To open it, press F2 (or the key you have chosen). You will now be asked to enter a password. If you did not set up a password in your config, a random one will have been generated: check the server log.

To find out what commands that are available on the server, read the Server Commands doc.


If you have any questions, read the FAQ. If you can't find an answer, please use the support forum.

Example configurations

Sample DM config

sv_name Teeworlds sample dm
sv_map dm1
sv_scorelimit 20
sv_timelimit 10
sv_gametype dm
sv_motd Teeworlds sample deathmatch configuration
sv_max_clients 12
sv_spectator_slots 10

Sample CTF config

sv_name Teeworlds sample ctf
sv_map ctf2
sv_scorelimit 400
sv_gametype ctf
sv_motd Teeworlds sample capture the flag configuration

Sample LTS config

sv_name Teeworlds sample LTS
sv_map lms1
sv_scorelimit 10
sv_gametype lts
sv_motd Teeworlds sample team survival configuration


Q: How do I setup a LAN server?

Set sv_register to 0. This will make sure that it doesn't show up on the internet tab.

Q: Why doesn't my server show up in the server browser?

You have probably not setup your router correctly. See http://portforward.com for help.