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Client Settings

There are lots of client settings available, and this doc will guide you through them. If you are looking for client commands, read the Client Commands doc. To find out how to find the config file, read the Client Config doc.

Engine Settings

Settings Description Default value
player_name Your nickname nameless tee
player_clan The name of your clan
password Password to the server you want to join
logfile Path to a logfile
console_output_level Adjust the amount of messages in the console 0
cl_cpu_throttle Add a sleep after each tick 0
cl_editor Activate the editor (Only ingame) 0
cl_auto_demo_record Activate automatic demo-reccording 0
cl_auto_demo_max Maximum number of automatically recorded demos 10
cl_auto_screenshot Activate automatic screenshots at the end of rounds 0
cl_auto_screenshot_max Maximum number of automatically captured screenshots 10
cl_eventthread Use thread to pump the events 0
inp_grab Forceful input grabbing 0
b_filter_string Server browser filter string
b_filter_full Filter out full servers 0
b_filter_empty Filter out empty servers 0
b_filter_spectators Filter out spectators from player numbers 0
b_filter_friends Filter out servers with no friends 0
b_filter_serveraddress Filter out servers that don't correspond to the entered address
b_filter_pw Filter out password protected servers 0
b_filter_ping Filter out servers with ping higher than this 999
b_filter_gametype Filter out server that run other gametypes than this one
b_filter_pure Filter out non-standard servers in server browser 1
b_filter_pure_map Filter out servers that run non-standard maps 1
b_filter_compatversion Filter out non-compatible servers 1
b_sort Id of the column to sort after 0
b_sort_order Sort order (0 is ascending and 1 is descending) 0
b_max_requestsv Number of requests to use when refreshing server browser 10
snd_buffer_size Sound buffer size 512
snd_rate Sound mixing rate 48000
snd_enable Enable sound 1
snd_volume Sound volume 100
snd_nonactive_mute Mute Teewolds when inactive 0
gfx_screen_width Screen resolution width 800
gfx_screen_height Screen resolution height 600
gfx_fullscreen Activate fullscreen 1
gfx_alphabits Alpha bits for framebuffer (fullscreen only) 0
gfx_color_depth Color bits for framebuffer (fullscreen only) 24
gfx_clear Clear screen before rendering 0
gfx_vsync Activate vertical synchrosnisation 1
gfx_display_all_modes Show all screen resolutions in graphics settings 0
gfx_texture_compression Activate texture compression 0
gfx_high_detail Activate high details 1
gfx_texture_quality Use quality textures 1
gfx_fsaa_samples Number of Full-Scene Antialiasing samples 0
gfx_refresh_rate Screen refresh rate 0
gfx_finish Wait for OpenGL to finish 1
gfx_use_x11xrandr_wm Let SDL use the X11 XRandR window manager 1
inp_mousesens Mouse sensitivity 100

Game settings

Settings Description Default value
cl_predict Use prediction 1
cl_nameplates Show nameplates 0
cl_nameplates_always Always show nameplates 0
cl_nameplates_teamcolors Use teamcolors for nameplates 1
cl_nameplates_size Size of nameplates in % 50
cl_autoswitch_weapons Automatically switch weapon on pickup 0
cl_showhud Display the hud 1
cl_showfps Display fps 0
cl_airjumpindicator Make feet darker when double jump has been used 1
cl_threadsoundloading Load soundfiles threaded 0
cl_warning_teambalance Warning if teams are unbalanced 1
cl_mouse_deadzone Maximum distance the mouse can be moved without the camera moving 400
cl_mouse_followfactor Set how fast the camera will follow the cursor 60
cl_dynamic_camera Switches camera mode (0 = static camera, 1 = dynamic camera) 0
cl_mouse_max_distance_dynamic Maximum distance between cursor and player, in dynamic camera mode 1000
cl_mouse_max_distance_static Maximum distance between cursor and player, in static camera mode 400
cl_filterchat Show chat messages (0 = all, 1 = friends only, 2 = no one) 0
ed_showkeys Show the pressed key(s) in the editor 0
cl_show_welcome Show the first launch popup 1
cl_motd_time Time in seconds the motd is shown 10
cl_version_server Version checking server version.teeworlds.com
cl_languagefile The language file to use
player_use_custom_color Toggle use custom colors on/off 0
player_color_body Player body color 65408
player_color_feet Player feet color 65408
player_skin Player skin default
ui_page Interface page 5
ui_toolbox_page Interface toolbox page 5
ui_server_address Interface server address localhost:8303
ui_scale Interface scale 100
ui_color_hue Interface color hue 160
ui_color_sat Interface color saturation 70
ui_color_lht Interface color lightness 175
ui_color_alpha Interface alpha 228
gfx_noclip Disable clipping 0
cl_show_menu_map Display background map in menu 1
cl_camera_speed Set camera transition speed of the background map 50
cl_skip_start_menu Skip start menu 0