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Client Settings

There are lots of client settings available, and this doc will guide you through them. If you are looking for client commands, read the Client Commands doc. To find out how to find the config file, read the Client Config doc.


Setting Description Default value
bindaddr Address to bind the client to ""
password Password to the server you want to join ""
logfile Filename to log all output to ""
logfile_timestamp Add a time stamp to the log file's name 0
console_output_level Adjust the amount of messages in the console 0
show_console_window Show console window (0 = never, 1 = debug, 2 = release, 3 = always 1
cl_auto_demo_max Maximum number of automatically recorded demos (0 = no limit) 10
cl_auto_demo_record Automatically record demos 0
cl_auto_screenshot Automatically take game over screenshot 0
cl_auto_screenshot_max Maximum number of automatically created screenshots (0 = no limit) 10
cl_auto_statscreenshot Automatically take screenshot of game statistics 0
cl_cpu_throttle Throttles the main thread (sleep specified number of ms each tick) 0
cl_editor View the editor 0
cl_languagefile What language file to use ""
cl_load_country_flags Load and show country flags 1
cl_save_server_passwords Save server passwords (0 = never, 1 = only favorites, 2 = all servers) 1
cl_show_welcome Show initial set-up dialog 1
cl_version_server Server to use to check for new versions "version.teeworlds.com"


Setting Description Default value
player_clan Clan of the player ""
player_color_body Player body color 0x1B6F74
player_color_decoration Player decoration color 0x1B6F74
player_color_eyes Player eyes color 0x0000FF
player_color_feet Player feet color 0x1C873E
player_color_hands Player hands color 0x1B759E
player_color_marking Player marking color 0xFF0000FF
player_country Country of the player -1
player_name Name of the player "nameless tee"
player_skin Player skin "default"
player_skin_body Player skin body "standard"
player_skin_decoration Player skin decoration ""
player_skin_eyes Player skin eyes "standard"
player_skin_feet Player skin feet "standard"
player_skin_hands Player skin hands "standard"
player_skin_marking Player skin marking ""
player_use_custom_color_body Toggles usage of custom colors for body 1
player_use_custom_color_decoration Toggles usage of custom colors for decoration 1
player_use_custom_color_eyes Toggles usage of custom colors for eyes 1
player_use_custom_color_feet Toggles usage of custom colors for feet 1
player_use_custom_color_hands Toggles usage of custom colors for hands 1
player_use_custom_color_marking Toggles usage of custom colors for marking 1


Settings Description Default value
cl_airjumpindicator Show double jump indicator 1
cl_autoswitch_weapons Auto switch weapon on pickup 0
cl_colored_broadcast Enable colored server broadcasts 1
cl_customize_skin Use a customized skin 0
cl_disable_whisper Disable completely the whisper feature. 0
cl_filterchat Show chat messages from: 0=all, 1=friends only, 2=no one 0
cl_motd_time How long to show the server message of the day 10
cl_nameplates Show name plates 1
cl_nameplates_always Always show name plates disregarding of distance 1
cl_nameplates_size Size of the name plates from 0 to 100% 50
cl_nameplates_teamcolors Use team colors for name plates 1
cl_predict Use prediction for objects in the game world 1
cl_predict_players Predict movements of other players 0
cl_predict_projectiles Predict position of projectiles 0
cl_show_easter_eggs 0=never, 1=during easter, 2=always 1
cl_show_local_time_always Always show local time 0
cl_show_server_broadcast Show server broadcast 1
cl_show_user_id Show the ID for every user 0
cl_show_xmas_hats 0=never, 1=during christmas, 2=always 1
cl_showchat Show chat 1
cl_showfps Show ingame FPS counter 0
cl_showhud Show ingame HUD 1
cl_showsocial Show social data like names, clans, chat etc. 1
cl_statboard_infos Mask of info to display on the global statboard 1259
cl_warning_teambalance Warn about team balance 1


Settings Description Default value
cl_camera_smoothness Camera movement speed. 0=instant, 100=slow and smooth 0
cl_camera_stabilizing Amount of camera slowdown during cursor movement 0
cl_dynamic_camera Switches camera mode. 0=static camera, 1=dynamic camera 0
cl_mouse_deadzone Zone that doesn't trigger the dynamic camera 300
cl_mouse_followfactor Trigger amount for the dynamic camera 60
cl_mouse_max_distance_dynamic Mouse max distance, in dynamic camera mode 1000
cl_mouse_max_distance_static Mouse max distance, in static camera mode 400


Settings Description Default value
inp_grab Disable OS mouse settings such as mouse acceleration, use raw mouse input mode 0
inp_mousesens Ingame mouse sensitivity 100
joystick_absolute Enable absolute joystick aiming ingame 0
joystick_enable Enable joystick 0
joystick_guid Joystick GUID which uniquely identifies the active joystick ""
joystick_sens Ingame joystick sensitivity 100
joystick_tolerance Joystick Axis tolerance to account for jitter 5
joystick_x Joystick axis that controls X axis of cursor 0
joystick_y Joystick axis that controls Y axis of cursor 1
ui_mousesens Mouse sensitivity for menus/editor 100
ui_joystick_sens Joystick sensitivity for menus/editor 100


Settings Description Default value
gfx_asyncrender Do rendering asynchronously 0
gfx_borderless Borderless window (not to be used with fullscreen) 0
gfx_clear Clear screen before rendering 0
gfx_display_all_modes Show all screen resolutions in graphics settings 0
gfx_finish Wait for OpenGL to finish 1
gfx_fsaa_samples Number of Full-Scene Antialiasing samples 0
gfx_fullscreen Activate fullscreen 1
gfx_high_detail Activate high details 1
gfx_highdpi Use high dpi mode if available 1
gfx_limitfps Limit fps 0
gfx_maxfps Maximum fps (when limit fps is enabled) 144
gfx_noclip Disable clipping 0
gfx_screen Screen index 0
gfx_screen_height Screen resolution height 600
gfx_screen_width Screen resolution width 800
gfx_texture_compression Activate texture compression 0
gfx_texture_quality Use quality textures 1
gfx_use_x11xrandr_wm Let SDL use the X11 XRandR window manager 1
gfx_vsync Activate VSync 1


Settings Description Default value
snd_async_loading Load sound files threaded 1
snd_buffer_size Sound buffer size 512
snd_enable Enable sounds 1
snd_enable_music Play background music 1
snd_init Initialize sound systems 1
snd_nonactive_mute Mute Teewolds when inactive 0
snd_rate Sound mixing rate 48000
snd_volume Sound volume 100


Settings Description Default value
cl_menu_alpha Transparency of the menu background 25
cl_menu_map Background map in the menu, auto = automatic based on season "auto"
cl_show_menu_map Display background map in the menu 1
cl_show_start_menu_images Show start menu images 1
cl_skip_start_menu Skip the start menu 0


Settings Description Default value
cl_camera_speed Menu camera speed 5
cl_rotation_radius Menu camera rotation radius 30
cl_rotation_speed Menu camera rotations in seconds 40

User interface

Settings Description Default value
ui_autoswitch_infotab Switch to the info tab when clicking on a server 1
ui_browser_page Interface serverbrowser page 5
ui_joystick_sens Joystick sensitivity for menus/editor 100
ui_mousesens Mouse sensitivity for menus/editor 100
ui_server_address Interface server address (Internet page) "localhost:8303"
ui_server_address_lan Interface server address (LAN page) "localhost:8303"
ui_settings_page Interface settings page 0
ui_wideview Extended menus GUI 0

Server & Demo browser

The individual server browser filter settings are store separately in the file ui_settings.json in the same folder as the config file.

Settings Description Default value
br_filter_string Server browser filter string ""
br_sort Id of the column to sort after in the server browser 4
br_sort_order Sort order (0 is ascending and 1 is descending) in the server browser 1
br_demo_sort Id of the column to sort after in the demo browser 0
br_demo_sort_order Sort order (0 is ascending and 1 is descending) in the demo browser 0
br_max_requests Number of requests to use when refreshing server browser 25


Setting Description Default value
ed_color_grid_inner Color inner grid 0xFFFFFF26
ed_color_grid_outer Color outer grid 0xFF4C4C4C
ed_color_quad_pivot Color of the quad pivot 0x00FF00FF
ed_color_quad_pivot_active Color of the active quad pivot 0xFFFFFFFF
ed_color_quad_pivot_hover Color of the quad pivot when hovering over with the mouse cursor 0xFFFFFFFF
ed_color_quad_point Color of quad points 0x00FF00FF
ed_color_quad_point_active Color of active quad points 0xFFFFFFFF
ed_color_quad_point_hover Color of quad points when hovering over with the mouse cursor 0xFFFFFFFF
ed_color_selection_quad Color of the selection area for a quad 0xFFFFFFFF
ed_color_selection_tile Color of the selection area for a tile 0xFFFFFF66
ed_showkeys Editor shows which keys are pressed 0
ed_zoom_target Zoom to the current mouse target 1